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Do You Use Unity? Then Your Life Is About To Change

The following are a collection of several tools and code snippets to improve development speed, and promote best practices when using the Unity game engine.

You may find a more detailed explanation of the tool, or its limitations on the corresponding post or dedicated repository README, which leads to the next important point:

Visit The GitHub Repository For ALL these FREE Tools

Every single one of the tools you are about to see, have been documented and neatly bundled together in a convenient Unity Development Tools Repository. For you to fork, try or follow. Again, they are FREE so just go see them, there are neat things in there~

Table Of Contents


Inspector Methods

Don't know how to make editor scripts to enchance Unity to your liking? Don't worry. This little tool allows you to easily create buttons to test your methods, directly on your inspector.

Animator Parameters

Have you ever added an extra empty space while naming a mecanim variable, and spend over 30 mins looking at why it doesn't find the reference?

It just sucks, so better have them in a convenient dropdown instead.

Read Only

Have you ever wanted to see in the inspector a variable, but without being able to edit it? For runtime values mostly.

Well, this little attribute is just for that.

Enum Label

In case you didn't know by know, any enum that you create, is immediately displayed as a dropdown in the inspector. Already neat as-is, but let's go a step further.

This attribute allows enum entries to have ANY text you want, so be sure to check them out.

Ranged Float

Create your very own ranged values within the Unity inspector. Easily declare things to clamp random ranges, and other similar values with this attribute.


Scene Tools

Sticky Notes

Found a bug in a particular area, or need to take note on changes that need to be made? Why not add a post-it to that thing like in real life?

Group Utility

Ever felt like quickly groupping together many objects under the same parent? Well, with this tool you can do that with a simple command.

Play Mode Edit Reminder

Ever lost progress because you forgot to turn off runtime mode? This little alert will help you never make that mistake ever again.

Project Tools

Scriptable Object Factory

If you haven;t heard of Unity's Scriptable Objects, you've really been missing out on a great tool for custom systems. But if you already use them, you know how tedious it might be to have a dedicated per-type context menu for each one.

Which is why having a handy dropdown that can create ANY type you need, is simply marvelous.

Frequent Folders Quick Open

Data path, persistent data path, editor log, plugins, Unity has many folders you are likely to visit several times while making a game. So instead of navigating every time through folders to get to them, why not have them in a handy quick access command?

Pointless But Amusing

Inspector Pong

A useful(?) tool(?) that allows you to play a demake of the original pong. This particular version lacks the multiplayer capability and just stares at you until you get the newest local high score.

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