Made PEG Achievements

Just like the time when it came to KNIGHTS here are all the achievements that will be included for all different platforms the game will be released in.

Do expect the PC, Android and iOS (yes, there will be iOS version this time around :D) updates in a post during mid September.

Like the last time, the list of achievements isn’t exactly super challenging or that unique and creative, but they do help me measure just how much people play and up to what point. Plus, it also gives me the chance to give nice icons for people to use on profiles (like in Steam), or exp like in the case of Android’s Google Play Services. So it is a win-win situation 🙂

There are more achievements this time, and here is the list:

It sometimes surprises me how it takes longer to build the icon or come up with an achievement name or idea than actually implementing it :B, but I suppose that is how it goes sometimes.

That is the little piece of PEG I wanted to show this time, but** the game is nearly in stores**, so stay tuned~


And like always, thank you very much for reading my blog :3

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