Prepare Your Content, And Let It Auto Post Itself

Think about it for a second.

When do you post in social media? Is it when you notice you get more attraction? Or instead, it depends on at what time you are awake? The thing is, normally that "peak" moment for you might always come at the same hour, or even at a time while you are sleeping, but you would need to post at different times to know.

Actually, let's put it this way. You already know when you SHOULD be posting (let's say 4 a.m.), but you know you CAN'T post at that time for any reason (call it sleeping hours, work, school, etc.).

What CAN you do then? Well, luckily for us social media aficionados, Hootsuite exists.

In a nutshell Hootsuite is an online scheduler that links with your social media accounts, and automates your posts for whatever time and date you program.
It IS a subscription based program, BUT for small companies or individuals, the free tier it offers is more than enough (Unless you are crazy and prepare over 30 posts upfront). Nothing to lose really, so give it a try!

As Easy As It Gets

Using Hootsuite is actually as simple as one might hope it gets:

  1. Make your account.
  2. Link your social media.
  3. Prepare your posts.
  4. Let them be auto-posted.
So in theory, and if you want, you can prepare a week content's upfront and let it be gradually shared as said week passes.
Not like I do that or anything like that, hehe.

Use Hootsuite Today!

More Software Suggestions HERE

This is but one of MANY tools that you can quickly find in the the Software Suggestions section of the website.

New ones are constantly updated, so check out often!

See More Recommended Software!

Hootsuite is one of those tools that you cannot go without after using it a couple of times.

It is much simpler to prepare content you want in a single sitting, while keeping your thought train intact for whatever you are doing.

So I hope anyone gets to use it as much as I know I do.

But Regardless of What You Do With The Tool...

Thank you very much for reading my blog :3

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