Software Suggestions

Big Or Little, Complex Or Specific, Free Or Paid, Everyone Is Welcome

As the latest link in the human species chain, we are often bound to jobs that involve computer work. And while not every job that involves a computer, more often times than not we end up editing the occasional photo, or having to lower the file size of something.

Whatever the case may be, here you will find many pieces of software (with although specific, useful uses) that might solve that problem you don't know you have. Take a look.

Table Of Contents

Social Media


Prepare, upload, schedule and wait. If you want to post in social media at a given date an hour, Hootsuite is for you. You no longer need to worry about staying awake or manually post, if you can prepare it upfront.

Media Editing

Online File Converter

Upload. Convert. Download. It doesn't get any easier if you wish to have a file in a different format. Online converter, as the name implies, is an online tool that facilitates this process for the low low price of nothing.

Radical Image Optimizer Tool (RIOT)

Ever needed to have a .jpg or .png file to be just a tiny bit smaller in file size? Something like from 1MB to 100kb, kind of small? Just so you know, the RIOT tool enables you to do just that. Free of charge.



Easily makes GIFs out of your screen with the press on a button. The GIFCam software is your new go-to solution when you want to share parts of your screen with others.

Incidentally, all of the GIFs in the site were made using this tool, so extra recommended.