I’m Back

Where have I been? That is the question probably nobody asked an answer for, but I still felt like posting it.

For the last few months I was doing my professional service over at Lienzo, (low-key, these folks are amazing and you should check them out) and helping a little with their upcoming multi-platform game Mulaka (I do mean a little here, as they’ve been working on the game for quite some time now) and worked from start to finish on the mobile game Lataman for the mexican youtuber NEGAS. So in few words, I was busy helping with whatever I could on the development of those games. Was it worth it? Totally, not only on a programming techniques standpoint but also with development-experience level. It was an incredible professional service, that is all I want to say about that.

So PEG, that was totally a thing I was working on, totally not slacking off with it…

Basically, PEG is complete from a visual and functional standpoint, visible on the demo.

So what is left to do? Still have to prepare the different boards the game has, by setting the movement paths and other things:

Prepare boards, implement the menus, test the level progression curve and implement achievements those are the things that PEG needs to have before being completed. It isn’t actually that much as I said, pretty much all of the PEG-specific coding has already been implemented. So do expect this little project to hit the Steam Direct program in maybe the upcoming week.


That is all I wanted to say, a little heads up for you one or two that like to read this.

But regardless, I’m grateful to that one or two, so thank you for reading my blog :3

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