You Heard It Right

For three days only, you can get the Google Play version of KNIGHTS COMPLETELY FREE! (Unlimited supplies, but still, a one-of-a-kind type of deal).

Want to play it later? Sure, go ahead, you only need to click install and it is yours forever. Just try not to miss it because it will hardly happen again.

What? Never Heard Of The Game?

Not going to blame you, you can catch up here. Or just watch the trailer:

What’s The Catch? Why So Chill About Giving It For Free?

Getting noticed with a premium app on Google Play is hard, especially when you don’t want to include micro-transactions or ads anywhere. If you want to keep your game pure these type of promotion boosts aren’t uncommon, but at the same time will never be frequent, so make use of it!

Of course, you can always show your love for the game (or the developer *wink wink*) by leaving a rating for the app, or purchasing PEG. Up to you really, but would be GREATLY APPRECIATED, TO unhealthy levels even!

But regardless of what you do…

Thank you for showing interest for the game. Even if no “direct” support is received, it is still appreciated. And if you are one of those that bought and enjoyed the game then hey! Glad the work was worth it.

But like always, also thank you so much for reading my blog :3

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