Little Room Beta


Little Room is a short free-to-play text-based game that revolves around decisions and dreams. It is close to be completed, to the point that it might be available to the public during the next week. (It is planned to be finished by tomorrow though)


It might not be worthy to get a game or the year edition, to be nominated to dozens of prizes, or to hold a greater meaning for everyone. But Little Room might make you think a bit, about where you are and what you want to be next.

Our lives go by in a flash, sometimes you might believe that what you are doing is pointless. Or that everything around you is far from extraordinary. But it is sometimes the little things that give a nice change of pace.


In all honesty, even I don’t know what I was doing while making this little project.

But I don’t think that it was a week badly spent, it was an interesting experience of self-examination.

And hopefully, it will rise the question on others.


What is it, that I want to do next?

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