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As said yesterday, Little Room is finally finished~

So it is time to happily announce it is now available to download for free at


Little Room InstructionsAll you have to do is hit the “Download Now” button, and then you can download for the PC platform of your choice.

It will then appear like you have to pay, but that isn’t the case. You only have to press the “No thanks, just take me to downloads.” link. is home to several works done by many people for free, so this is why the website counts with a donation system. But that said, it isn’t a requirement to download anything.


Feel free to support any developer you find in the site. (Yours truly included of course~ :3)


As for instructions on how to play the game, well, I just hope it is intuitive enough for anyone to understand without me actually telling them.


I really hope people enjoy it as much as I did once I finished it.

If it looks a little rushed, it is because it was developed in a little over a week, so it had a deadline to meet. But I still believe it gets the message across despite the short length.


Regardless, once again, I hope you enjoy it.

And as always,

thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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