When I first started all this, I conceptualized having a little something that served as a visual representation of all the work done over time. And so, while I wanted to have a static logo for my DBA, I also aimed to have a larger non-commercial version that reflected all those changes.

That is when after some brainstorming sessions, the sakura tree came to be. My original idea was to have something new added right under the tree, or hanging from the branches, that sort of thing.

The thing is that if I end up making a lot of games, it would get crowded faster than I would like it to. For me to show the solution I came up with, I would have to launch my 3rd title publicly (that will be soon though). But overall, imagine having little charms hanging on the branches with the logo image of each game, small charms, while also having under the tree something that represents the previous title made.


KNIGHTS that was the first title, has nothing other than the colors of the game.

Little Room being the second has under the tree something to represent KNIGHTS in the shape of a chess board.

And when the third title arrives, the tree will have a KNIGHTS logo charm on a branch, while having under the tree something that represents Little Room.

Then the fourth title will have under the tree something from the third title, while having all the previous ones in the shape of charms.


That is pretty much how things will shape the logo.


Arzola's Logo Showcase Up To Little RoomI can’t wait to see how it changes over time, something that allows me to look back and be proud of all the work done to that moment.

It will be interesting.


Anyway that is all from me this time.

As always, thank you very much for reading my blog.

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