Given how I can see this achievement list in-game, I think it is safe to say the_ Google Play_ integration is done.

It took me around a day to get to know it and implement the achievements on the platform, and another day to adapt my save file system to that of the Google_ cloud save_ system. (And to get the actual thing to work…)

But now that I see it finished, I think it was worth the hazzle. The game will have the 100, 000 exp (max available per game) in_ Google Play achievements_ (for those that enjoy them) that once again, are the same as on steam. And cloud saving, for those that have more than one device.


I have no idea how long it takes to authorize one game to be on the shop, so once I upload the final screenshots and get all the achievements (for the 4th time, 1st on cellphone though) tomorrow, I think my work with the port will be over.

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It is finally done.~~~


The only thing left is to implement the Google Play sdk. (Be patient… almost had to redo the whole game… [Never go for a build & fix approach when making games kids.])

But yea, I just tested it and it works like a charm, it only needs some audio tweaks and minor changes here and there, but it will be a thing soon.


A short post this time, but even so, thank you for reading it. ;D


So I stumbled with a little problem when testing the (now complete) version of KNIGHTS on Android. Don’t worry it doesn’t have anything to do with the game itself, but more with the cellphone I’m using that doesn’t like to be recognized when plugged…

So long story short, my new One Plus 3 (excellent phone, nothing against it) cannot be plugged to a PC the conventional way because the drivers don’t automatically install when being connected. (I can “run” them but nothing happens.)

I someone managed to find a workaround, but it came with a little cost:

(No I didn’t blew my PC, but I had to clean it.)

I kept all my files so the port is safe, but it will take me a while to reinstall all my goodies. (Pretty much leave them overnight + some time to manually install and sort).

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there.

Moral of the story… don’t mess with your drivers unless you know what you are doing.


And I guess that’s it.

Thank you for reading~ ;D