I said I wouldn’t talk about KNIGHTS unless something important happened with it. I guess this is one of those times.

Porting KNIGHTS to Android itself won’t take THAT long, not even a couple of hours (the controls are that simple). But being the type of person that enjoys achievements or equivalents I couldn’t help but implementing the same steam achievements via Google Play.

If Google Play isn’t your cup of tea, it is understandable, and so it is not required to use in order to play.

The only real challenging thing here is that thanks to my incredible build and fix approach while making KNIGHTS (never doing this again), the Steam API pretty much melted with the main code.

It might not affect much leaving it as is, but it might require some (important but still doable) changes on the worst case scenario.

But boy did this game helped me learn a lot of things: Unity, Steam’s API, and well, all little I know of game development (which involves, the graphics, audio, marketing, planning… yea more than one originally expects). And now how to Google Play as well.


But yea, KNIGHTS as an app will be a thing (hopefully) soon.

I say this often but I mean it every time.

Thank you everyone. 🙂


And a big thanks to you as well, for reading my blog. ;3

So I haven’t posted anything in a while and the reason for that is a combination between school, weird life situations, one time transactions (legal stuff) and purchases regarding future projects, and the fact that I’ve been working on a base framework for said projects.


Nothing super fancy, but it will contain all the things a game editor should have. An independent save file system, debug options, and… I’m getting off track here.


My point here is that I’ll try to post more often, not because of people demanding posts (as really, there are none). But in order for me to have a record of progress over the next years, I’ll keep posting. Who knows, someone might find it useful along the line.


(Don’t click this if you are on mobile.)

And well… On other news I made a thing of the next project I want to launch before next year.


But yea, there was really no purpose on posting other than giving out that message: “I’m still alive~”


Regardless, thank you to everyone that has helped me get this far.

And to you, for reading my blog. ;3

And it didn’t took long until I decided to draw again, fanart this time:


Drawing #2 – Fanart: Illyasviel (Saber Ver.)

Estimated Time: I forgot… 9 Hours?

Inspiration From: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya