After a couple of days in develpment, KNIGHTS finally has a website of its own!

However it isn’t a milestone for the game itself alone, but for future projects as well, given how easy it will be to give them pages of their own after this one.

A contact page has been added for troubleshooting and bug reports when the game first launches, as well as all of the handled social media links are now displayed.

Looking forward to add content for both this and future projects on the site. (Still have to do the main page however =w=, one step at a time though)

KNIGHTS Website Finished

But what are you waiting for? CHECK IT OUT!



After playing several minimalist puzzle games, the idea of making a puzzle game of my own was inevitable.

The original concept was a game about several scales that you have to in one way or another you had to leave in perfect balance, and given my simple naming convention it was then called “Balance”. Because of how difficult it was to come up with simple game mechanics for it, or how to actually have a wide variety of problems, the idea was scrapped.

What remained up to the final product however, was the minimalistic style it was intended to have. The reason of wanting a minimalist style was to have both a simple yet elegant first project, without the need of complicated animations of graphics. All for the sake of having a relatively short first project to finish, in order to move on to more complicated ideas.

Every Puzzle Has An Answer

However a palette alone isn’t enough to make a game, but be the main game mechanic came by pure luck. After clearing one puzzle called “The Knight’s Journey” from the Professor Layton series the idea came. On a personal note, it was a difficult puzzle to clear once the board got extremely huge, and that is when the thought came: “This is more trial and error than a puzzle, if there was a way to make this easier…” Then a little lightbulb appeared.

After two weeks of making and playing with prototype versions on paper and cardboard, a simple yet challenging puzzle mechanic emerged. And after another month of development, KNIGHTS came to be.

KNIGHTS - Greenlight Button

Some might be wondering, “What is Greenlight”?

For a close to completion or already finished game, greenlight refers to the process of approval for its sale on a certain platform. Not only consoles, but PC and phone games usually have to go through this phase, to serve as a type of quality filter.  In this particular case, it is Steam’s Greenlight that takes the spotlight.

Right now it is up to the Steam community itself to get this game to the store, by grading it with either a thumbs up or downvote.

So far the reception of the game has been fantastic, thank you to everyone that has voted and/or commented!

Regardless of how the campaign goes from here on, the game WILL make it to Steam eventually, so again, thank you very much.


And also, thank you for reading from my blog.