Well, This Is Kinda Pointless

We all have been there, the moment you want to work the most, is when everything seems so potential to fiddle with. Something on your desk, your phone, some random content provider like social media or a YouTube auto playlist.

This is just one of those little distractions you can now have on your inspector WHILE STILL IN UNITY. You’re very welcome my dear.

Get Creative. Get Distracted.

Download The Tool (?)

You want to have the magic ability to play pong at a ludicrous slow speed and in a one-player mode only?

Once downloaded, simply add the PongGameStatus and PongGame components to any GameObject, and click Reset to begin~

Download it for FREE!

Visit The GitHub Repository For More FREE Tools

You just read about one of several FREE tools that you can get on the Unity Development Tools Repository. Again, they are FREE so just go see them, there are neat things in there~

See all of the tools!

Still can’t believe the 100 post mark was broken. Maybe that milestone and having posts like this pong tool sitting around say something about my “productive” self, oh well.
Hope you get to enjoy it, don’t get too distracted though.~

And Like Always…

Thank you very much for reading my blog :3

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