These are the records of a man who lives in a world of fairy tales. Trapped inside the world where the normal is to give up personal dreams and find “realistic” ones. Where ideals become absurd and what is actually absurd becomes reality.

This is the story of a man who wished and dreamed to be remembered by leaving something behind.

This is the total of someone who aimed to make something he will always be proud of, in the shape of games.

A foolish and long journey, that he is still willing to take.

Yes, I’m more than aware how corny everything I just wrote was

This might be a weird way to start a blog, but it is better to say it wholeheartedly.

Thank you, for joining me on my longest journey.

GDCR - Juice It Or Lose It

While working in a game, ever felt like your progress is kinda bland? That it is missing something. That something might be juice, so keep an eye on this talk. Continue reading

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