Unity Tips

Mastering A Tool Gets Easier When You Know The Tricks

What you are about to read is a collection of shortcuts, keyboard commands, obscure features, and other included hidden goodies that will improve your experience developing with the Unity game engine.

Also, please do note that all of the following tips have been neatly packed on their own wiki for your reading comfort.

Table Of Contents


Mouse Shortcuts

Move Components Between GameObjects

Avoid going through the process of creating a new component on the target GameObject, copy-pasting the settings from the original one, and deleting said component from the original to "pass it". Just do it directly :o


Garbage Collection

Use StringBuilder Instead of "String" += "OtherString"

Did you know that when you use "string" += "otherString" you are generating garbage that needs to be picked up? But did you also know that using the StringBuilder class takes care of that overhead?

Optimize Calculations

Edit Collision Matrix

If your game involves stuff colliding with one another, you might want to limit which things can collide with which via the collision matrix.

With some good planning, you might even avoid having to make tag comparisons, and other troublesome tasks.

Development Time Optimization

Built-In Primitive Sprites

Don't go out of your way making sprites like squares, triangles or circles, use those already built in Unity.

Save your time, and even memory, with this small, efficient simple sprites.



Help URL

Do you have your own documentation site for your things? Or have you ever wished you could keep a script reference next to you? Because, the HelpURL attribute allows just that.

Documentation URL

If you ever forget what does a built-in Unity component does, you should keep in mind there is a blue help icon on the corner of each component.