Visit Your Cat Sites At The Click Of A Button

If your project is very big and complex, you might even have your own custom online documentation for your coworkers to access. Or on a more downsized example, you might’ve downloaded something and want to keep the reference easy to access somehow.

Whatever the case, chances are you want to keep an easy access to a given website for a reason. This is a built-in attribute that does just that.

Keep Your References

Just take into consideration that to make use of this little button, the class needs to be either a Monobehaviour (a component) or ScriptableObject for this to work. (Because you need to see it in the inspector somehow. After that, it is as simple as:

public class MyDocumentedClass : Monobehaviour { }
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The usage of this little built-in might be somewhat specific, but at least you are now covered on that front if the time comes.

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