So, you launched a game during the present year? Is it good? Do you like competitions? How about being evaluated by professionals?

I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this. So if you haven’t heard of it yet, I shall introduce you to the Game Development World Championship 2016.





It is just as it sounds, a competition open to all game developers, complete with prizes, professional judging and all the good stuff.

There are only two categories, educational (serious) or entertainment. Most of the games out there will fall into the latter category of course, so nothing we didn’t expect.


The TL;DR of requirements for this competition is as follows:


You can pretty much read full list of pointers and guidelines of the competition on the website or refer to my previous post for a heads up.


That said, I want to talk to you about a different matter, the reason for you to participate.

Sure, because it is a public invitation and there have been major indie launches this year, it might seem pointless to take part in it. But there is really no harm on trying right?

I mean regardless of what anyone says, you finished a game. That is pretty impressive by itself, there are several people all over the place (interested in the area of course) that have yet to accomplish that, so don’t look down.

Just like for me, your game might be far from having awards, recognition or a very wide audience, but you finished it so be proud of it. You maybe won’t get a prize, but really, like it matters. If you can get feedback that will help you grow and improve your skills for the next time, get to know similar projects to yours, or their respective developers, then man you are only winning. It is of those kinds of experiences that only these types of events give you, so don’t let it slip. (Not to mention this whole thing is completely FREE from entry fees.)


Who knows, you might end up being contacted by someone, get a prize, or find your future teammates or co-workers.

Nothing to lose, but instead everything to win.


Hope to see some folks try this out just like I know I will.

And as always,

Thank you for reading my blog. 😀

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