Some weeks ago the folks from Viope World sent me an invitation to take part on an event they hold on a yearly basis.

GDWC 2016

The Game Development World Championship (or GDWC), a competition where any game finished in the current year can enter. And yes that is pretty much the only rule to fulfill, it HAS TO BE FROM THIS YEAR (for obvious reasons).

DK Jr. MathThe rest is basically if you wish to participate on either the serious or entertainment category. Where serious will be those projects that address a certain issue, mainly education. And entertainment the one most games will fall into, because let’s be honest here, that is the reason we play.


Also, there is no limit to the number of submissions or team members, if they are done before September the 30th. So if you finish one project each week (somehow), you can still submit 16 projects before the timeline is here.

And before I forget, projects which by the way can be of any platform: Mobile, PC, Mac, Linux, tablet, consoles, r-zone, you name it. Given you provide the correct build for the game that is.

So basically, if you finished a game recently, might as well upload it. Nothing to lose, it is already finished after all.


I’m not being paid to say this (why would someone pay ME?) but it is a public invitation for anyone that gets to see this post.

So if you read it this far, thank you, and I hope to see your project(s) participating!


And to those regulars,

Thank you, for reading my blog~ 😀

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