It has been a while, hasn’t it?

Some troubling things happened, but it should all go uphill from here. So time to get dirty with work again.~


I know it was said KNIGHTS posts would be over unless something relevant happened with the game. But guess what? It happened:


 KNIGHTS Over 100 Reviews

HOLY COW! Those are the only words I could come up with in this situation.

Over a hundred people liked the game enough to review it, and on top of that… just look at that like/dislike ratio…


I understand there are games with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. But you should also know that there can easily also be thousands of games with less than a dozen positive reviews for each of those “successful games”. So truly, it is something to be grateful for.

Next milestone:

  • Overwhelmingly Positive: 500+ reviews with a 95%+ positive score. (I know we can.)


Thank you.


One can only get so far alone. So I thank you, I mean it.

The game is selling very well even without any sort of discount or big updates, and that is a huge incentive to keep working.


A big shout-out to everyone that also sent e-mails just to wish the best for the game and future projects.


And as I said it to those that cleared the game:

Let this be the beginning of more to come.

So, one final time.

Thank you for giving me this chance.

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