New Project: PEG

Some time ago I went with some friends to a well-known restaurant for the first time, Cracker Barrel. It was a very pleasant experience, the combination of the dishes and the overall aesthetics of the place do really make a click, definitely recommended.

However, what interested me the most, and well, to my friends too, were these little games that were spread on the tables. You got all you need to play chess, checkers, all sorts of classics. And I saw for the first time a game they called PEG.


Cracker Barrel PEGBasically you have these cylindrical pieces that cover a hole filled grid, and the objective is to leave only one of them by “jumping” on top of adjacent  pieces and landing on the immediate next free spot and eliminating them from the board.

We literally spent our entire meal trying to beat the game instead of eating, it was interesting. I ended buying one of them as a souvenir and I play it from time to time.


After finishing KNIGHTS I wondered what to do next (now I have several ideas to work on), and as you might be guessing, I ended up wondering if it was possible to make puzzles out of PEG.


I first attempted a KNIGHTS-esque puzzle game where you had to put colored pieces on colored spots without removing pieces when “jumping”, the puzzles were far to easy.

Then I tried the same concept while removing them, and they ended up being very hard to enjoy.

And then I wondered “what if I had traditional PEG, with pieces with one of two colors, and the only way to remove pieces was to jump on the same color?” A very specific thing to think, but it was actually the answer I was looking for. And so I present to you the next (almost functionally finished) project:

PEG Title Concept(Placeholder title screen)

PEG Level Concept(This is concept art, not a level)

PEG Level Packs Concept(Concept level pack screen)

I’m aware that viewing the still images doesn’t look as appealing or make a great deal of sense but trust me here, I wanted to try something. Namely see if I could make the experience I wanted to get with KNIGHTS, a wordless one. With the help of animations, camera movements and level design I wish to make something that can be universally understandable.

But it would spoil the fun (and make this post unnecesarily long) if I were to tell everything about the project here and now, so let’s leave it until here for now. Information will be available soon enough.

Anyway, as always, thank you very much for reading my blog~ 😉

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