Just like several other platforms, Steam tries to offer a little extra to their games and platform to increase the overall customer experience. Such services can be cloud sync, achievements, controller support and a customizable profile. The latter offers developers the ability to create several items that can be displayed and/or used on the platform.

KNIGHTS hasn’t arrived to Steam yet, but all the preparations for trading cards have been completed.


Now, let us display all the items this involves:



Level 1 - PAWNS




From Left To Right:

  • Level 1 Badge: PAWNS
  • Level 2 Badge: ROOKS
  • Level 3 Badge: BISHOPS
  • Level 4 Badge: QUEENS
  • Level 5 Badge: KINGS
  • Foil Badge: KNIGHTS



knt_pawn - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_pawn:
  • :knt_rook:
  • :knt_bishop:
  • :knt_queen:
  • :knt_king:
  • :knt_knight:



knt_bg - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_bg:
  • :knt_block:
  • :knt_block_alt:



knt_arzolas - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_arzolas:
  • :knt_blue:
  • :knt_red:
  • :knt_yellow:



Common - Chess Grid







(Click for Fullscreen Versions)

From Left To Right:

  • Common: Chess Background
  • Uncommon: Minimalism Chess
  • Rare: Feeling Smart



Knight's Journey - Full Size







(Click for Fullscreen Versions)

From Left To Right:

  • Knight’s Journey
  • Minimalism
  • Simple
  • Symmetry
  • Under The Tree


And guess that is about it, this was but a showcase of all the things that are planned for the game once it releases.

Well that’s the end of the post~


And as always, thank you very much for reading my blog~

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