It is far from the greatest launch discount given to a game on steam, but it is one that matters nonetheless. The game is turning one week old guys!

Make the best use of the discount while it lasts!

Want to share the love for the game? (Or the developer? *wink* *wink*) Then please, if it isn’t much trouble, you can help out with an early review for it. Every bit of feedback and support makes the difference.


Right now time is being invested on a brand new (and probably final version) of the developer website, you would be surprised over the amount of traffic one (unknown) indie site can get, so better make it pretty.

After that, the mobile versions of KNIGHTS and PEG, will be hitting Android and for the first time iOS!


Finally, once that is out of the way, the next game will finally start development. Already decided on theme, will be in the shape of a puzzle box. For that reason PEG is the last “one trick pony”/”single mechanic” game that I will make. If those who test the puzzles end up liking them, expect around 50+ different types of puzzles! Might run out of ideas afterwards, but oh well, better than other 50 single mechanic games right?


Quite some workload ahead of us, but I like there is actual work to look forward to.

And once again, THANK YOU to everyone that is making this possible. Not everyone can say they started something of their own, so this is really something special to me. Will keep up the work!


And thank you, once again, for reading my blog :3

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