Lord Gaben Is About To Leave For The Holiday Season

Before the door is closed, and you are left with the empty void of being unable to empty your wallet instead, let me remind you what you can get for almost a buck:

KNIGHTS 99¢ 49¢ Steam | itch.io

Puzzle game based on a single chess piece, the titular knight.

PEG 99¢ 84¢Steam | itch.io

 A minimalist board game based on the premise: “Blue eats blue. Red eats red. Until one of each remains.”

But If You Want Them EVEN CHEAPER…

Get an ADDITIONAL 15% OFF when you purchase both in bundle! ║ Steam | itch.io

Think about it, that is waaaay less than what you spent on a coffee to go that one time. And it will keep you busy for way longer than the time it took you to drink that cup.

I may be biased as we are talking about my goodies, but even biased, you have to admit these ARE absolutely cheap.

The base price of these should actually be around $3 for the amount of content they deliver, but I rather more people enjoy them. Plus they are in discount right now… just meet me halfway dammit. Hehe x)

That will be all I wanted to say, make sure to get those deals before they are gone 🙂

And Like Always…

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No Need To Stick With Old Unity Conventions

If you have been using Unity since quite some time ago, chances are you are unaware of some new goodies that were stealthily added to it.

This is just a little tip to avoid going through the process of creating a new component on the target GameObject, copy-pasting the settings from the original one, and deleting said component from the original to “pass it”.

Drag And Drop To The Rescue

As explained above, in older Unity versions, you had to do a whole copy-paste-delete maneuver to copy one component into another game object.

However, MANY seem to be unaware of that as of right now, you can simply “pass it” via drag and drop.

See The Wiki Entry

Get More Useful Tips On The GitHub Wiki

What you just read about was ONE of several unity tips that are available on the Unity Tips Wiki.

Please also note that the wiki is updated often, so make sure to check it out!

Read More Unity Tips!

The newest versions of Unity come packed with little hidden tweaks like this. But minor as they might be, it is worth spreading the word on them, right? 🙂
That would be all for today from my part.

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Do You Consider Visual Studio Bland And Boring?

Ever felt that the act of writing code is boring? Not talking about coming up with the hows and whats, but instead that each individual key press itself isn’t thrilling at all.

“Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?” I hear some of you ask, but the short answer would be: “Only if you want it want it to, sure.”
Well, this little plugin will help you with just that. Brighten up your Visual Studio application (maybe even too much…)

Oh and don’t worry, it is completely tweak-able and FREE to boot, so give it a shot!

Presenting… Visual Studio Power Mode

Meet Power Mode For Visual Studio, a powerful replica of a plugin once only available to the Atom Editor.

Ensure every single key press overflows with POWER and reflects your coding DETERMINATION.

(And don’t worry, you can always disable the shaking or reduce the particle amount if this is too overwhelming :P)

Get it for FREE

Get More Useful Tips On The GitHub Wiki

What you just read about was ONE of several programmer tips that are available on the Programmer Tips Wiki.

So if you liked the one you just read, be sure to check it out (or star it) as it gets updated often! 😮

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Don’t know when you will end up reading this, but this was written on Jan. 1 2018. With that in mind…
Please take this plugin with you and start full power your new year 🙂
Which, also concludes the first post of the year! And you know how this goes…

But Seriously...

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