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I’m not sure if this was clear from the beginning, but I intend PEG to be the first game I make that has no text other than the game name on the title screen.

That intention comes all the way back from when I made KNIGHTS, but in the end I was unable to explain some of the mechanics without the use of text in the help button or some settings with just images. So in a way, I was always disappointed on that aspect of the game.

It was only natural though, as I lacked the experience to fully make said graphics or the animations required to explained what was going on. (Did you think KNIGHTS_ wasn’t_ an animated game on purpose? Nope, just me not knowing a thing about animating).

That said, I’m very happy to see how everything is turning out.

And no, I haven’t just been making a settings menu this whole time, you will see soon.


Forward to my first text-less game!


(Also, thank you as for reading my blog :3)

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