I know, I know, a quest system? Really? But hear me out, this system isn’t to support the expected fetch quests or RPG trope-based type of missions only, but instead it is an universal system intended to easily deploy unlockables, achievements, and pretty much anything that needs to track certain variables to change the values of other variables.

And again, this shows the power of custom-made editor scripts that recently has become popular when defining Unity.

This is (partially) on what I’ve been working on, all these mini-systems that will work together in a custom framework for game development. The reason? Simply put, there are many, MANY things that need to be done for each game that become mundane, boring and repetitive depending on how often you iterate on a project.

Granted, I haven’t made that many titles, but I do rather make these boring parts upfront (and in an interesting way to implement as shown in the image above) and never have to worry about them ever again. You know, jump to the good stuff right away. Especially with what I’ve planned to work on during the following year.

The framework itself still needs some other basic systems before I finish PEG, most notably an achievement system (that is next on the list after the Quest system) to easily hook up with Steam, android and soon iOS devices + any future platform that may pop up if needed (not really will do that right away, but the placeholder will be there).

But yea, just a little heads up and a bump that says “I’m not dead” to all 1 of you that might read this.

But thank you that one person for reading my blog 🙂

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