I know it might sound weird that someone wants to make a “Let’s Play” video about a puzzle game. I mean, usually these type of videos are more action focused. But well, given how big the world is, someone had to be the exception to that rule.

Some time ago my contact email was flooded with requests for video and written reviews, as well as other types of media about the game. And honestly, several were turned down because of the poor way they requested copies. (“Can you give me a copy for me and other 5 for my friends?”) Several were plain, cookie cut scam mails to begin with.

Which makes me ask myself, why on earth would you spend your time trying to scam a one buck game? Is it a routine to do, or you REALLY need the money?

Regardless, copies were given to those that showed to have some sort of credentials or at least proof of their work.

There was no discrimination to who they were or how big their audience was, I mean I’m not the glitterati myself, plus I don’t mind giving a $0.99 game here and there.

And so, it was our friend George one of those who has already showed it was well worth the copy sent. Here you go:

KNIGHTS Rating - Very PositiveAgain, I will never mind the size or audience of those that intend to make something out of what I made. Neither them nor I have a large audience, but that is no less reason to be flattered. This was made a post for a reason right? Thank you George!

On a side note, the game itself is doing very good, and one way to see that is by the reviews it has received during its first two weeks.

I mean wow, 98% positive reviews out of 54 reviews made? Color me impressed.

I’ve seen several games gather less reviews than that in their lifetime, so this is quite the achievement.


That is all from my part for now.

As always, thank you very much for reading my blog~ ;3

KNIGHTS Community Header

The first week of sales for KNIGHTS went extremely well, in fact I never expected them to be this good o-o”.

So far the reactions, feedback and overall comments I’ve received are overwhelming. So thank to you everyone that was part of the journey until now.


KNIGHTS is unworthy of a GOTY award, it isn’t your next Undertale, and it will be far from your first option to kill time. I’m aware of that, but it is nice to see it has caused some impact. (And the fixed income is very nice too, not going to lie there.)


So, even if this sites aren’t well-known, or if the content of these pages were cookie cut from my store page, my website or some template. It is still nice to think that someone, spent time making them, because that means that I was able to leave a tiny mark somewhere.


Even if these reviews aren’t seen by absolutely everyone that uses the Steam platform, they have been all seen by me.

These might seem worthless to many, but mean a lot to me.


I Wonder What Itll BeKNIGHTS alone. All that it has been and will be has been pretty much covered already, so there is no point on posting over it. Other than for the mobile releases and some reviews that is.


The next posts should now start covering another project that should be finished soon actually. And a third one on which I’m still working hard on the shadows… (When I’m not sleeping)

Who knows how that one will turn out though.


Thank you to everyone I know it has been said many times, but every time it is meant it.

Thank you.

So Far So Good - KNIGHTS

Once again, having KNIGHTS finished came with a little surprise. First of all, the game has been doing well on both sales and reviews.

I’ve seen several games get bad reviews when they are first starting which affects their sales on the long run, so it is very nice to see KNIGHTS having such a good start.


And secondly, today I got a message of a reviewer who gave his feedback on the game. He has some fair points I should consider adding or changing about the game, but it would be better if you see it for yourself. His pseudonym is Arwick, and he does something he likes to call “Turbo Reviews”:

Very happy with the results of that little project that was KNIGHTS, but it is time to move forward.


I will soon post about the next project, it will be short, but interesting.

Honestly I don’t know where the inspiration came from for that project, you will see for yourself.


Anyway, that is all for now.

Thank you very much for everyone’s support, it has been a blast!

And thank you too, for reading my blog :3~