Man, it does feel good to see this taking shape and nearly finished.

If the testing, documentation and upload process goes smoothly, KNIGHTS should be launching by next Monday.

As stated before it will come packed with steam cards, emoticons, backgrounds and badges (which are actually being reviewed right now) and some other features such as steam sync and achievements. All for the low low price of $1 or your regional equivalent~ (Yea, $1 is the lowest games can go for)

Oh but early birds will get an extra discount during the first week~ In case the game isn’t cheap enough 😛


Steam KNIGHTS Store Page Preview


Regardless, I couldn’t feel more flattered by all this, hopefully this will be the first of many games.

Thank you once more to everyone that supported this project and is making this possible.


And of course, to everyone that keeps reading my blog~ 🙂

Just like several other platforms, Steam tries to offer a little extra to their games and platform to increase the overall customer experience. Such services can be cloud sync, achievements, controller support and a customizable profile. The latter offers developers the ability to create several items that can be displayed and/or used on the platform.

KNIGHTS hasn’t arrived to Steam yet, but all the preparations for trading cards have been completed.


Now, let us display all the items this involves:



Level 1 - PAWNS




From Left To Right:

  • Level 1 Badge: PAWNS
  • Level 2 Badge: ROOKS
  • Level 3 Badge: BISHOPS
  • Level 4 Badge: QUEENS
  • Level 5 Badge: KINGS
  • Foil Badge: KNIGHTS



knt_pawn - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_pawn:
  • :knt_rook:
  • :knt_bishop:
  • :knt_queen:
  • :knt_king:
  • :knt_knight:



knt_bg - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_bg:
  • :knt_block:
  • :knt_block_alt:



knt_arzolas - Large




From Left To Right:

  • :knt_arzolas:
  • :knt_blue:
  • :knt_red:
  • :knt_yellow:



Common - Chess Grid







(Click for Fullscreen Versions)

From Left To Right:

  • Common: Chess Background
  • Uncommon: Minimalism Chess
  • Rare: Feeling Smart



Knight's Journey - Full Size







(Click for Fullscreen Versions)

From Left To Right:

  • Knight’s Journey
  • Minimalism
  • Simple
  • Symmetry
  • Under The Tree


And guess that is about it, this was but a showcase of all the things that are planned for the game once it releases.

Well that’s the end of the post~


And as always, thank you very much for reading my blog~

Little Room GameJolt

A few days back, the little side project by the name of Little Room was finished.

The game is free to download, but I decided it would be best to spread it as much as possible. That’s why Little room is now available in both and GameJolt!

One more platform to add to the list.


I believe the amount of websites that allow you to upload your free games for download, not online play, is rather limited. And with the WebGL technology from Unity still under development, it will take some time before Little Room gets on Kongregate or NewGrounds.

That time will come eventually though, and for now I will keep looking for places to share this little mood changer.


That is all from me this time,

As always, thank you for reading.