PEG On The Go

Some people requested that PEG should be available on mobile platforms, as the game is more than suited to be played on the go. Well, here you go:

Yup, the game is “premium” as didn’t wanted to bother you with last minute cheap monetization implementations such as ads. And yes, it is currently lacking in the reviews department (this soon will be intensely corrected, don’t worry).

PEG Android Port



iOS port is coming, just be a little more patient, somewhat short on the money department right now, bought lots of neat stuff that will allow me to work easier. (Including a brand-new professional site)

Plus, you knew it is a 100 USD annual fee to develop for Apple? Damn, Android had a one-time $40 fee.

Better plan ahead to make it worth, but pretty sure it can pay itself with some campaigns I have in mind.

PEG iOS Port

Getting There



If you are interested on getting the game, you might be interested on getting it with an extra bonus, as the same Android version has been added to!

Getting it there costs a little extra, but it will come to you with a STEAM key and a discount for KNIGHTS as well if you are also interested in it! So take a look.

Noticed something different?

This whole post might look somewhat more professional than those in the past. Currently testing an html-like tool that seems to provide interesting results for little to no effort. If it ends up being pretty good, I might make a dedicated post about it.

But Like Always…

Thank you so much for reading my blog :3

It is far from the greatest launch discount given to a game on steam, but it is one that matters nonetheless. The game is turning one week old guys!

Make the best use of the discount while it lasts!

Want to share the love for the game? (Or the developer? *wink* *wink*) Then please, if it isn’t much trouble, you can help out with an early review for it. Every bit of feedback and support makes the difference.


Right now time is being invested on a brand new (and probably final version) of the developer website, you would be surprised over the amount of traffic one (unknown) indie site can get, so better make it pretty.

After that, the mobile versions of KNIGHTS and PEG, will be hitting Android and for the first time iOS!


Finally, once that is out of the way, the next game will finally start development. Already decided on theme, will be in the shape of a puzzle box. For that reason PEG is the last “one trick pony”/”single mechanic” game that I will make. If those who test the puzzles end up liking them, expect around 50+ different types of puzzles! Might run out of ideas afterwards, but oh well, better than other 50 single mechanic games right?


Quite some workload ahead of us, but I like there is actual work to look forward to.

And once again, THANK YOU to everyone that is making this possible. Not everyone can say they started something of their own, so this is really something special to me. Will keep up the work!


And thank you, once again, for reading my blog :3

And the magic button has been pressed:

PEG has been officially released!!!

As promised there will be a bundle for those that wish to purchase both KNIGHTS and PEG or already own one of the two and wish to purchase with a discount the other.

It should go live by the time the weekly deals are live.



Thank you everyone.

Had it not been for the great feedback and support shown to the first game, a second would’ve never become a reality.

So once again, thank you a lot. Looking forward to release more and more.

– Arzola